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    Take responsibility for the society, bring benifit to our company, create value for our customs, offer opportunities to our employees.


    Honesty, Justice, Win-win, Innovation

    Honesty is the key foundation with which our company sustains, the foremost rule our employees obey. Firstly, honesty means integrity of corporate, secondly, it refers to the sincerity and respect among employees.

    Justice means fair coorperation policy to our clients & no partiality management rules within company.

    Win-win asks for integrity coorperation with clients, identifying the corporation’s benbifit with that of clients and our employees. Achieve ourselvies by help others to success, thus there is mutual benefits and co-development among our company, our clients and employees.

    Innovation means to advance with the times, to breakthrough the limitation of traditional thinkings,to capture every opportunity by change and technology.


    Team work, Dedicated ,Innovation and Excellence

    team work means concerns on team goals and community interest, respect and support team members’ work.

    Dedicated refers to be trustworthy in word and resolute in deed, no buck-passing but try one’s best to meet objective with preciseness performance.

    Innovation is not limited in profession, but also exists in concept and technology. only in this way we could win the the development of active and leading edge.

    Excellence is our eternal strive, with which we keep on self-beyond.


    High-efficiency, Professional, Pragmatic, Preciseness.

    High-efficiency means rapid response, fast action, get twice the result with half the effort, never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.

    Profession is a must for us to be on the top of chemical field, technology and service Sales.

    Pragmatic but no formalism, act dependably as objective laws, be performance-oriented 

    Preciseness refers to be cautious, punctual and orderly, to institutionalize and standardize our daily work.